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Edgar Lituma Soto

Born in Sucua, Ecuador

Lives & works in Atlanta, GA


My name is Edgar Lituma Soto; I’m an artist and motion graphics designer.

While my work draws from nearly every aspect of the design world, motion graphics in particular excite me. I believe this medium’s ability to tell a story in such a way that it will engage an audience while being both informative and entertaining is unparalleled. While static design can make an impression, I believe animation can create an experience.

As such, I find myself most effective in the meeting place of narrative and design. The interplay of audio and motion, the marriage of entertainment and education, the ability to make the abstract concrete, and finding the visual velocity of the story to be told – these are my passions, and where I believe true engagement can be found.

I truly believe that design is one of the most important and influential forces in modern life, and through my work, I hope to improve that landscape a little more every day.

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